RTP library on Freertos + TCP stack

Hello everyone,
I’m working on project of streaming data over RTP/UDP, I’d like to know if there is an RTP library easy to implement on Freertos IP stack ?.
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I’ve not seem one myself - but I know Hein uses audio over IP so maybe he is aware of one? He posts here all the time.

Sorry I am late to respond, your message escaped from my attention.

The only audio streaming that I have used is MP3, PCM and FLAC, all through TCP/IP ( HTML ) connections ( and USB/audio and SD-card ).

If you’re thinking of making a commercial project, I would also have a look at specialised audio chips that have many protocols implemented. One example is XMOS, which also runs FreeRTOS.

Hi all,
Thank you for your response, i’m actually working in an stm32 board, so XMOS is kind of excellent solution but expensive and does not support video streaming. I think we should have an RTP library capable to be adaptable with the stack IP freertos+TCP, that empower the network package of freertos.

I would also prefer to write everything my self.
About RTP I can advise nothing more that try google “open source UDP/RTP” or so.

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Yes, I googe the RTP libraries a lot, but it sounds to me that they need to be ported from linux/unix to freertos, because a lot of these libraries depends on kernel, posix and sockets of linux.
fortunately, Freertos can integrate POSIX, so that suppose to help me in the posix part.

I can suggest the RTP codebase from : JRTP


This codebase WORKS. I have used it for years.
You need to look after the memory requirements and just suggest the network interface.
It is fairly basic C++. Yes, there is alot of it !
If you want to be able to deploy robust devices, you need to understand the codebase well, I beleive a few weeks spent getting this working is a prerequisite . It will work on memory constrained platforms if you optimize the memory usage. Much of these type of projects are University Masters Thesis and are functional but not efficient.

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As I have also been interested in streaming, I came across this recently:

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Hi Glenenglish,
Thank you for your suggestion, it sound’s interesting, but i will check if my toolchain support a mix of c and c++ code in the same project.
Actually many of the RTP libraries are based on Berckley socket, and i think that Lwip impliments a lot of functions of Berckley Sockets more than what the stack Freertos_Plus does. So that make the porting phase of the project more easy and fast.

Hi Aronrubin,
Thank you for sharing this project, It’s interesting as a light implementation of RTP. Actually, in my case I need a more complete RTP library.
At the following link there is an RTP application (client/server) based on Lwip too, And it’s so easy to port to Freertos_Plys stack