Resuming a delaying task

boraozgen wrote on Tuesday, June 20, 2017:

Hello everybody,

I have a task that executes periodically using vTaskDelay(). I would like to suspend and resume this task using an external interrupt, e.g. a switch button. This can be achieved using vTaskSuspend() and vTaskResumeFromISR(), however I want my task to complete its delay period before running again, even if it has been resumed using vTaskResume() before the delay period is over. As I read on the book, the vTaskResume() call puts the task into ready state immediately, ignoring the previous delay call. Is there a way to implement this functionality? Which mechanisms would you use?

rtel wrote on Tuesday, June 20, 2017:

You will have to do this manually in the implementation of the task.
Look at the example code on this page: You can use
vTaskSetTimeoutState() before delaying, then xTaskCheckForTimeout()
after it has delayed to see if it delayed for the entire delay period.
If it didn’t then the parameter in xTaskCheckForTimeout() will tell you
how long there is left to block and you can call the delay function
again with that time.