Renesas RA6M4 update firmware via Ethernet(FreeRTOS+TCP)

I am using RA6M4 MCU from Renesas and I want to do the update of the firmware via ethernet, I found that I can use MCUboot as a bootloader to do the update, but since I am using FreeRTOS+TCP as a TCP stack I wanted to know how to do that, is it feasible ?
If the bootloader allows me to upgrade the firmware version, how can I do this using ethernet so freeRTOS+TCP?

Thank you!

I think this is more of a general embedded systems question, rather than something FreeRTOS specific - but we do have examples of using MCUBoot to perform an OTA (over the air update) - albeit not on a Renesas MCU. You might be better off asking your question on the MCUBoot forum or mailing list. Another ink that might be helpful: GitHub - FreeRTOS/Lab-Project-FreeRTOS-MCUBoot

The choice of TCP stack doesn’t change how the boot process works.

It is also not clear if you are wanting to do the update locally, on one device, or remotely on a fleet of devices. If remotely then some of the OTA demos might also be of use.

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