Renesas R32C port

scott_r_wagner wrote on Wednesday, August 05, 2009:

Hello all,

I am interested in using FreeRTOS with a Renesas R32C/111 - specifically, a port to a RSK2R32C111 eval kit.  Has anyone done this or something similar?  If not, I’m willing to do / contrib the port.  I think my starting point is the Hitachi H8S2329 port.

Any comments / pointers / suggestions?

Scott Wagner

rtel wrote on Wednesday, August 05, 2009:

The M16C port is a contributed port, and therefore not supported by me directly.  You can find the source files in a .zip file called within the FreeRTOS/Demo/Unsupported_Demos directory.  See .

It comes with an app note too.