Regarding developing a project on Embedded systems

I am thinking to develop a project in Embedded computing systems which would support the technical requirements both for getting a job offer in the field and also for getting the scholarship offered in a study program in this field.

The nature of the project should be such that the project component should cover all areas w.r.t the working of embedded computing systems and also demonstrate enough implementation of processes involved in the operation and execution of the technologies involved in embedded development field to such an extent that no other project done either before or after this one can produce the results that this project does.

May I please know what things do I have to consider in order to plan this project in such a way that the intensity of the project should be more and it should make a big impact on the society and help create a good environment for comfortable living of people?

That is, the nature of the project should be such that it should have enough content in it so as to both support my application to the job I am applying for and also provide enough significance for making application for getting both the offer of admission and scholarship to a study program in this field.

May I please know how exactly can I structure the project for the following purposes

  1. It should have sufficient logic or processes in which in depth implementation of the following technology functions are involved

C, Linux, device drivers and RTOS

  1. It should also help me support the application for a study program by giving enough strength to my resume so as to get both the admission and scholarship offered to me for studying in the program.

May I please know what experiences or processes should I depict in my project for putting it in my Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume for both applying to jobs and making successful application for getting the offer of admission and scholarship for the study program indicated in the website link mentioned above?

Can you please let me know about this?

Thanks for your post, but I’m afraid this question is too vague (how do we know which jobs you are applying for), too generic, and not related to the use of FreeRTOS, so will be locked.