Re-use main() stack in FreeRTOS

FreeRTOS community,
I am working on a memory stringent system. I am thinking about re-use the stack allocated for the main() function. I saw a similar discussion on Reusing main()'s stack: an ISR only stack?
But that post is quite old. So I am wondering if there is some feature similar to my purpose already supported in the latest release.
Does anyone knows that? Or I have to implement my own solution?

A number of the ports do use the main stack as the interrupt stack. What port are you using (Processor type)?

I am using STM32F107

Seems that STM32F107 has a Cortex-M3 MCU and it’s one of the ports were the main stack is the ISR stack as Richard pointed out. So it’s not wasted memory which could be re-used.
But you can tailor the main stack size according to your needs because ISRs are usually not demanding regarding stack.

Thanks for your info.