QueueSet vs. Queue

I already know about queue that it can be read from front.
but what about queueset.
if sequential read the same queueset, like this:

xActivatedMember1 = xQueueSelectFromSet( xQueueSet, pdMS_TO_TICKS( 200 ) );
xActivatedMember2 = xQueueSelectFromSet( xQueueSet, pdMS_TO_TICKS( 200 ) );
xActivatedMember3 = xQueueSelectFromSet( xQueueSet, pdMS_TO_TICKS( 200 ) );

then xActivatedMember1,2,3 are all the same. or different. suppose there are more than 3 events saved in queueset before the sequential read.

One way to think of a QueueSet is that it becomes a queue of Queue Handles, and every time you add a item to one of the member queues, the handle of that Queue will be added to the QueueSet queue. Once you call xQueueSelectFromSet, then you are responsible to (eventually) call a Get function from that Queue, as the QueueSet will NOT report that item again.
Thus your code will get the handle for the next 3 queues that had items added to them, and you will need to at some point get items from those Queue or those Queues will get out of sync.

So,as you said, " the handle of that Queue will be added to the QueueSet queue",and I got another question related. Are the QueueSet queue also FIFO? For example,
Suppose the Queuset queue had been added some item ,the order is like this:
first add item of queue A,
then add item of queue B,
last add item of queue A,
so right now,totall three event or item live in the queueset queue,
let a task begin do the above situation by sequential calling xQueueSelectFromSet().
did we get this:
xActivatedMember1 = queuehandle_of_queueA
xActivatedMember2 = queuehandle_of_queueB
xActivatedMember3 = queuehandle_of_queueA
xActivatedMember1 = queuehandle_of_queueA
xActivatedMember2 = queuehandle_of_queueA
xActivatedMember3 = queuehandle_of_queueB

the different is ,there are two memeber come from the same queue. so does the later member of the two inherit priority the earlier one by just shareing the same handle as member of Queueset.
Best Regards.

I believe that QueueSet will operating in a Fifo manner. I suspect that the QueueSet uses the same code to handle the queueing that is used for all the other queues (but not expose as many options). This would say that they would be inserted and retrieved in time order.

Thank you for your kindly guidence.