Question on message buffers

While the pages for message buffers state that they should be used with single writer/reader in mind, I am bit in the dark about how that interaction works when the FromISR variants are used.

Can someone enlighten me on the semantics when using a message buffer with single tasks as reader/writer (One task as reader, another task as writer), but also attempting to write to buffer using the xMessageBufferSendFromISR() call? Would this potentially interfere with the normal task writing to the buffer, and thus require additional protection or another intermediate synchronization mechanism?

An ISR calling xMessageBufferSendFromISR is also a writer.
So if you want to stick to your design with a 2nd task also writing to a tasks message buffer, you have to wrap writing of that task into a critical section or disable/enable the respective interrupt in an other way to ensure exclusive write access.

Thank you for the clarification,

I will alter the code to ensure exclusive single writer access to the buffer.