pxCurrentTCB issue - Cortex M3

cisco25 wrote on Thursday, August 26, 2010:


I’m developping on a Stellaris LM3S9B90 (Cortex-M3 core) Eval Board from Texas Instrument, and I’m implementing FreeRTOS on this platform.
I have like 3 tasks running on the board and lately, I got a FaultISR problem. I checked the Cortex-M3 registers to know from where was happening this problem and it happens that the last Program Counter before the fault was pointing on a pxCurrentTCB operation. This is the last error I got :

                            pxCurrentTCB, pxCurrentTCB:
0x2000CCA0:   2E58     CMP             R6, #0x58

But  I got problems with a MOV instead of CMP early, always with pxCurrentTCB operation.

Can you advice me about this error ? Is it due to a memory fault (context cannot be restored correctly) ?

Thanks all.

rtel wrote on Thursday, August 26, 2010:

From one line of assembly code I have absolutely no idea what the problem is, or what it could be - and never will do.


cisco25 wrote on Thursday, August 26, 2010:

Obviously, there was a problem with Task Management…

I solved the problem but I don’t know how…

cee3po wrote on Friday, October 15, 2010:

hi cisco

have you get rid of this error permanently?
I have a similar problem, with my code also on a LM3S9B90 custom board.
Sometimes it works, but most of the time I get catapulted straight to FaultISR. Did you use CodeSourcery G++?
In another thread it’s mentioned that it might behave a little different than eclipse with openOCD.

If you can provide any more information what helped you to get it running I would be very happy.