prvPortStartFirstTask stuck at svc 0 in one of the M7 core of s32g3

I am trying to run freetros in two m7 (M70 and M71) cores of s32g3.
Core zero runs perfect but core 1 is not able to start the first task…
Any suggestions?

You will have to provide a lot more information on what you are doing and when. Like are you trying to run a copy of FreeRTOS on both of the core? Are you able to run code on both cores if not using FreeRTOS, etc.

Yes, I am trying to run FreeRTOS on both the cores asynchronously. And Yes, I can run code on both the cores if not using freertos…

  1. For now I have three tasks in core0 which runs fine all the tasks are hitting properly.
  2. I have two tasks in core1. When Freertos in core1 calls the prvPortStartFirstTask, it is unable to get the SVC handler on core1. Note: if I update the SVC_Handler address to the Program Counter at this point the scheduler can start the first task and freertos runs fine.

Does it mean that the SVC_Handler is not correctly installed for the second core? The latest version of FreeRTOS have asserts to catch incorrect interrupt vectors. Can you try to use the latest version with configASSERT defined?