Proper disclosures for users of FreeRTOS

fish810 wrote on Wednesday, January 04, 2012:

I wonder if anyone can supply a couple of examples of end-user customers who are using FreeRTOS.  I would like to see how they document their product usage of FreeRTOS and how they offer to provide the FreeRTOS code to users of their application.

Basically, examples of users who are correctly complying with the FreeRTOS licensing requirements.

Many thanks and best regards,

rtel wrote on Thursday, January 05, 2012:

As far as I am concerned, in the day and age of easy digital communication, there is no need to offer to provide disks with source code any more.  A simple link to the SourceForge page that has the source code for every single version is just fine, should it be required.


fish810 wrote on Saturday, January 07, 2012:

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your reply.  But what about the requirement to disclose that a product uses FreeRTOS inside.  Are there examples of how this has been done.  For example, on point-of-sale packaging or inside on the instruction sheet?  Or both?  Any particular requirement for type size, font or color?  Any special wording required?

Of course you know, it is the company lawyers who want to know all these details.  So that is why I am in search of some tangible examples that will demonstrate exactly how it has been done by others.


rtel wrote on Saturday, January 07, 2012:

“This product uses FreeRTOS Vn.n.n” in the smallest print at the back of the user documentation is fine.  A link to the FreeRTOS site on your website is also fine.  It is intended that FreeRTOS is as easy to use as possible, while still ensuring its credentials as an open source project (at the point of download) are maintained.

If your legal team have any concerns, you can ask them to contact me directly.