Profiling task execution

jakbird wrote on Thursday, July 10, 2008:

I’d like to profile task execution in a STR750 ARM environment, running FreeRTOS.  Is it possible, with trace enabled, to add some code to the timer hook to look at the pxCurentTCB task block and count the number of times a task is active at the time tick, using the uxTCBNumber field as an index into an array of counters?  Does pxCurrentTCB still point to the last running task when vApplicationTickHook is called?

I already have a low priority operator command line task running, which I can use to process the counter array and display percentage execution time by task.

davedoors wrote on Thursday, July 10, 2008:

The old tick hook is called before a task is selected to run. Look at using the trace macros instead which provide greater flexibility.