Problems with Building a Demo for TriCore TC275

hstr2 wrote on Wednesday, April 13, 2016:


currently I am trying to get the TriCore Demo ( running on my TC275. I executed the bat file as described and imported it to Eclipse. But when building, the following error appears:
FreeRTOSDemo: Each LDF project needs an LDF project nature (since version 1.1.0)
FreeRTOSDemo: We improved the ldf model structure. For this you have to convert your models.

I am pretty new to the whole microcontroller field and would be grateful for any help.


rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 13, 2016:

That project is quite old, and it seems evident from the warning messages that the project format is not compatible with the latest HighTec tools - I would suggest looking for information on how to update the project in the HighTec documentation and on the HighTec website and Google - and if that draws a blank either re-creating the project in the tools you are using or asking HighTec for support.