Problem with task


I am a beginner about FreeRTOS. I train myself with the soft of Arduino but now I try to use FreeRTOS with Atmel Studio.

I just creat one task with the only job is to print something :

void TFT_task_coil(void *param)
printf(“Tache coil \r\n”);
} //End of while
vTaskDelete( NULL );

and it is the only I task I create and launch with the scheduler but when I look at Putty, the print is just make 1 time :


Why my task only run once and not every 10ms ?

This is my main.c :

xTaskCreate(TFT_task_coil, “Coils_task”, 128, NULL, 2, NULL);
printf(“toutes les taches sont crees \r\n”);


Looks like your scheduler is not working. What happens if you set a break point on sysTickHandler()? Does it get called?


I had comment something on the file FreeRTOSConfig.h to correct a warning (it was #define xPortSysTickHandler SysTick_Handler)… I just forgot this comment. That work now without the comment !

Thank you