Problem with button in uC/OS

Hello there,
I know that’s the forum is about the FreeRTOS, but I am not found a good forum about the uC/OS, that’s why I am asking here.
I implemented a code in the psoc 4 using the uC/OS III, where there are tasks and a interruption, but I had a problem with the interruption. The interrupt I created is a button. The interrupt works pefectly, but when the interruption comes to an end, the tasks return to where they left off and I would like them to return from the beginning, is there any function of uC/OS III that

Sorry but to ensure this resource remains of value to FreeRTOS users we are strict on ensuring all posts are on topic. That prevents the FreeRTOS information becoming intermingled with conversations, debates or general embedded systems topics. [in your case the behaviour you describe is the behavior of the hardware, not the software].