Problem when we are using ESP32 & HTTP & TP-Link router

Hello, I’m working for the project which uses ESP32-S3 with AWS IoT core.

Now we are facing a problem in HTTP.
When we do a HTTP GET, sometimes ESP cannot receive any data(0Byte).
This is a log line when the problem occurred.

HTTP: Response not received: Zero returned from transport recv: totalReceived=0

(This may output from the Espressif library)

It seemed to occur only when using a specific WiFi router (TP-Link deco S4), and did not occur with any other router as far as I tried.
And there is no problem when accessing the same URL from a PC or smartphone with that TP-Link router.
Do you know there are any other cases where similar problems have occurred?

Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum.

Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting @MNKT_NakaG. Can you tell me a bit about what libraries you’re using for the communication? We provide a HTTP library (coreHTTP) and Espressif provides a solid TLS library (esp-tls).

Also - are you able to provide some additional logs for context here? Your description and error makes sense but I’m not sure the context of how it arose.