Problem building Demo Project RTOSDemo_RDB1768

digitalwiz wrote on Thursday, August 21, 2014:

I ran into a problem when building RTOSDemo_TDB1768 in LPCXpresso. The file src/LCD/lcd_driver.c failed to compile. Starting at line 49 there are six pairs of lines of the form:


The symbols FIO2CLR and FIO2SET aren’t defined anywhere. After much groping around, I deduced that these should be changed to:


I can’t confirm that this actually works since I don’t have an LCD panel connected to the board, but at least it compiles and doesn’t crash, so, at the very least, the writes are innocuous.

rtel wrote on Thursday, August 21, 2014:

That is a very old demo, and I concur there do see to be multiple problems with it, although I’m building with LPCXpresso rather than Red Suite as I don’t currently have Red Suite installed. I would have to investigate further but assume the tools are now using different libraries or different structures. It may be possible to obtain the old header files and include them directly in the project - for now I would recommend just taking out the lcd.c and lcd_driver.c files, which will also mean you have to remove the lines from main.c that write to the LCD.