Presentation of ATOMIC: An NTPv4 Client for FreeRTOS

Presentation of ATOMIC: An NTPv4 Client for FreeRTOS

Hello FreeRTOS Community,

My name is Albin, and I am a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am excited to introduce ATOMIC, a project developed in collaboration with ABB. This project was undertaken by my colleagues Vilhelm, Marcus, Filip, Jack, Oscar, Hugo, Erik, and myself. Our goal was to create an NTPv4 client for FreeRTOS.

ATOMIC aims to address the need for precise time synchronization in distributed systems, which is essential for various applications ranging from industrial automation to IoT devices. While our implementation is nearly complete and adheres to most of the NTPv4 specifications, it is not fully compliant.

Key features of ATOMIC include:

  • Support for various modes of operation (client, server, broadcast/multicast)
  • Advanced filtering algorithms
  • Robust error handling

The project leverages the reliability and performance of FreeRTOS to ensure accurate and efficient time synchronization. We have released ATOMIC under the MIT license, meaning it is provided “as is.”

Our team will not be further developing this project. However, we wanted to reach out to the FreeRTOS community to see if there is any interest in further refining, forking, or potentially integrating ATOMIC into the official FreeRTOS demos. We are open to inquiries regarding the project and would be happy to provide any additional information or support.

We hope that ATOMIC can contribute to the FreeRTOS ecosystem and look forward to any feedback or interest from the community.

Best regards,
Albin, Vilhelm, Marcus, Filip, Jack, Oscar, Hugo, and Erik


Thank you sharing your project!

Hey there,
Thanks for sharing ATOMIC, your NTPv4 client for FreeRTOS. The features you’ve implemented address a crucial need for time synchronization in distributed systems. It’s great that you’ve released it under the MIT license, allowing for community involvement.

Even though your team may not continue developing ATOMIC, your openness to community contributions is appreciated. Many in the FreeRTOS community may find it useful.

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Thanks @AlbinWoxnerud for sharing the project. We really appreciate the gesture.
We will discuss internally and figure out the best next steps.
Please do share if you have any thoughts on the same.