Possible to build Posix blinky without configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY?

Hi, I want to compile FreeRTOS Posix Blinky without the configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY set, this is because I want to use the compiled object files for some dynamic instrumentation I’ve been meaning to do for one of my projects. Is there any workaround to compile blinky for Posix without configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY set?

It should be - do you see a problem when you do not define configUSE_TRACE_FACILITY ?

Yes, when i set it to 0, compilation bails out saying RecordDataPtr is not declared. I feel like Posix port is tightly coupled with the tracer module, it should be made independent of it. As a naive workaround, I removed all trace specific files from the Makefile, commented out the tracer dump code from the main and somehow got it to work for my needs, I would truly appreciate if there’s a cleaner and better way of getting around the tracer module.

That is not correct as the POSIX port does not have a dependency on tracer. It is the POSIX demo that demonstrates the use of tracer.

That is actually not naive but the right thing to do - update the demo code as per your needs.

I have added an option NO_TRACING to allow using the demo without tracing functionality in this PR.

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Hi Rahul,

Thanks alot for the PR, this addresses the issue I was facing.