POSIX Pthreads Run Issues

Hi, I am new to FreeRTOS+POSIX. I am trying to use POSIX pthread (I do not use
FreeRTOS task). I can create the thread but somehow it seems like the thread is not scheduled, so I cannot see the thread running in debug mode. I tried to add xTaskStartScheduler but I get some errors while compiling the code. The error is as follows:

Seems like you have enabled static allocation. You need to implement vApplicationGetIdleTaskMemory and vApplicationGetTimerTaskMemory to supply the memory required for Idle and Timer task. You can look at the following for reference -

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Thank you for the response, it worked. I have one more question do we need to use pthread_join function for more than one thread? Or is it enough to use scheduler to run the threads as we need?

Whether you need ptherad_join or not depends on your application. It is not mandatory to use it.

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Thank you. Have a good day!