Posix/Linux Simulator for Production?

I wonder if the FreeRTOS Simulator can be used in a production-ish environment? (Kind of like how https://www.electronjs.org/ turns webpage into desktop applications by embedding a web-browser with the webpage as an application)

I am writing a ZigBee application that mainly targets microcontrollers. But I also want to create a version that will run on Raspberry Pi.

My idea is to separate the network call, so on the microcontroller, the manufacture (Nordic) SDK will handle the network communication. On the Raspberry Pi, I would write custom implementation to make it talk to dongle through UART.

I wonder if it is feasible? Given the system only need to be near-real-time (expect the radio which is off-chip) i.e. respond within a second or two is good enough.

ps: It would be great if someone could point me where to learn non-blocking I/O with UART (tty).

Yes, I think it would be reasonable. Some of the cellular modem examples use the Windows simulator equivalent through a UART to the cellular module.