Porting MSP430 for IAR

nobody wrote on Friday, July 22, 2005:

Have someone succes porting MSP430 for IAR ?
When I compiler the file portext.asm, it’s say Invalid syntax mov.w R1,@R12
Can someone help me to solved this probleem


nobody wrote on Friday, July 22, 2005:

Odd, this is the indirect addressing mode required, and is consistant with the notation used in the MSP430 processor manual.  Both the CrossWorks and the GCC compiler understand this notation (these are the two compilers for which their are supported FreeRTOS MSP430 ports).  Is it possible that there is something else around this line that it could be complaining about?

Unfortunately I don’t have the IAR MSP430 compiler.  You will have to look up in the assembler manual for the equivalent it expects  for indirect register mode - or get on to the IAR support. (or try and guess the notation it requires!).