Porting freeRTOS to SPC58NG

The sample project in SPC5 (PowerPC) rtos is version 10.1.1. Is their any plans to support this device for updated versions of freeRTOS or provide demo projects for this target?

V10.4.x should be a drop-in replacement for V10.1.x based on the CHANGELOG. Have you tried running the latest FreeRTOS with that sample project? I would also recommend consulting the ST forums for help on how to update the FreeRTOS component to the latest version of the kernel.

If you have FreeRTOS 10.1.1 running on a target, updating to the latest 10.4.4 should be a drop-in replacement (unless you are using a MPU port as mentioned here Updating to FreeRTOS v10.4.x - FreeRTOS). Can you try updating to FreeRTOS 10.4.4 and let us know if you face any problem.


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ST recommended contacting you guys so I am here.

Yes, I can try to update to 10.4.4 but is there any plans to have sample projects for this target going forward?

Which project are you talking about? Is it a project in our repo?

There is no project in the repo (that is what I am asking for) and ST said they are no longer supporting freeRTOS projects on the SPC58ng line with new versions via SPC5 just looking for most efficient route to get the latest and greatest version as I am currently using 10.1.1

I am not familiar with this hardware and therefore I need to ask the following question - Can you check which FreeRTOS port (files in the FreeRTOS/portable/ directory) are you using? Is it one of the officially supported port?

Assuming that it is one of the officially supported port, you should be able to update FreeRTOS by just replacing the FreeRTOs source files. If you are managing your project using git, one way to achieve it is to sub-module FreeRTOS in your project. Updating the FreeRTOS version would then be as easy as moving the sub-module pointer.


freeRTOS currently does not support SPC58 line it looks like

ST created the port folder for this target on 10.1.1 but said that they no longer can support it and that this type of question was for freeRTOS. What is the process to get hardware officially supported?

You can open a GitHub issue requesting this feature.

If you want to contribute, you can raise a pull request.