Porting FreeRTOS from Freescale Coldfire V2 to V4 MPU (MCF5445x)

sanchit17 wrote on Friday, June 26, 2015:

I downloaded the FreeRTOS (V8.2.1)for Coldfire V2 controllers and compiled that on eclipse. Now I have to port Coldfire V2 to V4 using FreeRTOS.

So, I have few questions regarding this:
1.) What are the differences in V2 and V4?
2.) What changes I need to make to port from V2 to V4?
3.) What things I need to consider while porting?

Please help me out on this.
Thanks in advance!!!

rtel wrote on Friday, June 26, 2015:

Sorry - having never ported to a V4 I don’t know and you may be better off asking on a hardware forum. I would guess the V4 will be a super set of the V2, so it will be a matter of adding to the V2 port rather than changing too much.