Porting ethernet to a new embedded cpu (Nios II) - have the instructions been updated to the latest Augus 2023 release?

I have FreeRTOS 202212.01 running on my Cyclone V Nios II CPU, now it’s time to get the ethernet working. It seems that the porting instructions don’t seem to match the new source code in the FreeRTOS plus folders. For example, there is no sign of the FillInterfaceDescriptor in the entire FreeRTOS-Plus source folder (grep -iR FillInterfaceDescriptor at the top level).
If the online porting docs haven’t been updated, are the samples in the source folder a place to start? Or any other online references?

(here: Porting TCP/IP Ethernet drivers to a different MCU)

@gordwait FreeRTOS 202212.01 uses FreeRTOS+TCP version 3.1.0 by default.

More recently, we’ve released FreeRTOS+TCP v4.0.0 which includes the FillInterfaceDescriptor functions mentioned on the website.

Unfortunately, the previous porting guide is no longer available on freertos.org. If you would like to continue developing with FreeRTOS 202212.01, the best reference for now would probably be one of the existing drivers and demos.
Edit: It looks like the previous version was captured by the wayback machine, so you can view it here.

Alternatively, you could update to the latest version of FreeRTOS from GitHub and target the latest version of FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS+TCP.

Good to know, thank you for clearing my confusion…
Now I’m wondering, which one is quickest for me to create a proof of concept test?
I’m tempted to use the older stuff, but then I’d be looking to update it to 4.x…
Any idea how more/less stable 4.x is compared to 3.x ?

(I’ve decided to try the path forward and see how hard it is to get the 4.x ethernet up and running. Anybody out there knows why I should stick with ethernet 3.x let me know!)

FreeRTOS+TCP v4.x is quite new, so there may very well be some bugs. The primary new features are support for IPv6 and multiple interfaces.

There is one known issue related to port number reuse on multiple interfaces. If you are only using a single interface at a time, this should not affect you.

If you do discover a bug and need to revert back to 3.x, porting the driver from 4.x to 3.x should be relatively straight forward.

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Good to know… wish me luck!

If you do happen to stumble upon any issue, please let us know here and we will help you. Good luck!