portable selection for my system

prashanthm22 wrote on Monday, June 11, 2018:

I’m using RL78 micro and using CA78K0R complier.
I need assistance in choosing the portable files for my project. Which one I should go with? the 78K0R folder or RL78 folder?

Thanks in advance.

rtel wrote on Monday, June 11, 2018:

The only port layers we have for the RL78 are for the IAR and GCC
compilers - and even then the GCC one is not published as, at the time
it was written (a long time ago) there were bugs in the compiler that
prevented it working. Appologies not to be able to be of more
assistance - but you could try converting the IAR port to your compiler
(which I think has been superseded by a new compiler from Renesas in any