Port ota demo to stm32f767 - stuck after ota image downloaded and device reset

Hi ,

I’m porting the ota demo from a reference on stm32h743 to stm32f767 on the nucleo board9nucleo-f767zi). after the ota image downloaded and device reset, the bootloader find a new image, swap to bank 0(main application bank), set the image flag as pending commit, then jump to application code(ota demo)to communicate with IoT Core to validate the new image. but current porting is stuck here then reset with bootloader again, then the bootloader treat pending commit flag as invalid image so the ota process fail.

I checked the binary, the application code do stuck after reset, but the behavior is 4 times of reset, only the first 2 times got stuck. I think this is the root cause of why ota process failed as when it can not jump to application, the watchdog expired and reset with bootloader again.

any hints to potential root cause of this application jump issue ?

attached the log of h7(base reference) and f7(working in progress)behavior fyi.




Can you please share the repository you are using and the release version for the reference code you mentioned based on STM32H743?

From the information you shared the issue might be in bootloader port of the platform while running the new application. The rollback on watchdog timeout is the intended behavior if the new application can not boot.