Port of the FreeRTOS to MSP430

Sorry for bothering you. I try to port FreeRTOS (202012.00) to the MSP430F5528. I use IAR 7.12.1.
The foundation of my project is demo project in the folder FreeRTOS\Demo\MSP430X_MSP430F5438_IAR.
My two tasks are simplest: they are blink green and red LEDs. Both tasks were tested without FreeRTOS.

I made the next changes in the demo files:
I configured FreeRTOSConfig.h (I changed of the header to msp430F5528.h and set preemption, clocks, ticks, stack).
In my main.c file I initialized of the hardware and write of the callback function vApplicationSetupTimerInterrupt( void )
for using of the Timer A0 and tested of the interrupt without the RTOS.
The compilation works without errors and warnings.
But there are some errors when I load my programm (See of the included file).
During of the debug session my programm jump to unused address.
The Task_1, Task_2 and IDDLE Task were created.
The error jump is after the line 2087 (traceTASK_SWITCHED_IN()) of the task.c module
(The xPortStartScheduler() == pdFALSE).
The next macroses
did not execute.
And at the point if( xPortStartScheduler() != pdFALSE) the programm jumps to an unused address.

The Debug screen is in the included file.

Could anybody help me, where is my error?

Sincerelly your’s

I have to add some information. First of all: I forgot to add in previous post: I set interrupt vector to TIMER_A0 in port.c. And second and main: my programm is working. My error was the incorrect code and data model in IAR-Options. It must be (in my case) Code model: Large, Data model: Small. Thanks, John.

Hey @John1957

Per your previous post, does that mean you resolved the issue or are you still seeing a jump to an unexpected address?

Good day, DavidGS! It was my error and I resolve of the issue. Thanks, John1957.