Porblema de depuracion Bluepill Error_Handler

Hello! I’m having issues with an STM32F103 on a “bluepill” board. In the code, I’m creating two tasks to blink two LEDs. The problem is that when I load and debug the code, it ends up in the “Error_Handler” and the code doesn’t start. I tested the same code with the same configuration on a “blackpill” STM32F411CUE board and it works fine. Both boards have the CMSIS_V2 interface, but the only difference was the timers: TIM4 on the bluepill and TIM5 on the blackpill. Has anyone experienced the same issue or can provide some guidance? I’m just getting started with FreeRTOS.

one is an M4 and the other one an M0+, so you can’t have used the same code?..

How did you create the project for STM32F103? If you are trying to use the same project that you created for STM32F411CUE, then as @RAc mentioned, you cannot do that.

Hello community! I solved the problem, which was a misconfiguration of the microcontroller’s clock. After fixing this, the tasks are responding correctly. When I mentioned testing with another microcontroller, I was referring to the basic setup of “STM32CubeIDE” with FreeRTOS. Thanks for the responses!

Thank you for sharing your solution.