Please provide the scheduler file in FreeRTOS

Please provide the scheduler file in FreeRTOS. I need to understand scheduling in Freertos. Scheduler code is not exposed in the freertos stack being downloaded, Please provide the scheduler file.Please do the needful soon.

I need to replicate the Earliest Deadline First scheduling in FreeRTOS so please provide the scheduler code in FreeRTOS. Scheduling examples and explanation in the website doesn’t help.

Thanks and Regards
Abhijith N.M.

The scheduling is in Task.c, FreeRTOS has a highest ready priority first scheduling system, and has no built in method to indicate deadlines, so can’t use a Earliest Deadline First schedule.


Hello Richard,
Can I override the scheduling mechanism in FreeRTOS ? from highest ready priority first scheduling system to Earliest Deadline first Algorithm ? Please do let me know. My main goal is to achieve Earliest Deadline first mechanism in FreeRTOS.

It can be done, but it would take some major edits as there is no built in way to change the scheduling algorithm. First, while tasks will normally have a timeout while waiting for an event, they don’t really have the concept of a deadline.