PKCS11 test fails in aws_test

Hi, (1.5 KB)
I am porting the optiga TrustM and AWS FreeRTOS in stm32wb55.
I also port the pkcs11 for optiga trusm.
When I run the aws_test code with testrunnerFULL_PKCS11_ENABLED config set to 1, it’s fail below 3 test cases out of 15 test cases.
15 Tests 3 Failures 0 Ignored
-------ALL TESTS FINISHED-------
TEST(Full_PKCS11_NoObject, AFQP_GenerateRandomMultiThread)
TEST(Full_PKCS11_EC, AFQP_GetAttributeValueMultiThread)
TEST(Full_PKCS11_EC, AFQP_SignVerifyMultiThread)

Can you please help me to figure out, what is the reason, it fails the multithread test cases?

Please find the attached detail log.

Hi @ArjunSalariya,

It is hard for me to see what is going wrong from this log, but the multi threaded only failures seem to indicate a need for concurrency protection.

I do not have a Optiga Trust M, but would be willing to take a look at your port if you are willing to share this code. Have you reached out to Infineon for assistance? They host a port for the Optiga Trust M here, have you already seen this code?




Thanks for the response.
we have posted a query to Infineon. I think they are the right person to assist.