Pico W FreeRTOS

Hello Everyone, Has anybody succeed in runing a simple blink program on a Pico W with FreeRTOS? I have succeed in running the program on a Pico W without FreeRTOS, but when I tried to implement FreeRTOS, the Visual Studio Code compile without any complain of error. After transfer the*.uf2 to the Pico W, it does not work and the computer complain of USB not recognised the devise.

Can you try using this demo - FreeRTOS-Community-Supported-Demos/CORTEX_M0+_RP2040 at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Community-Supported-Demos · GitHub?

It seems to work with Pico only and not Pico W

It work with Pico but not with Pico W

Are you able to use this example from Pico - pico-examples/pico_w/wifi/freertos at master · raspberrypi/pico-examples · GitHub?

Sorry, I have not tried it, it seemed too complicated for me. I prefer to do a simple blink program for the Pico W first.

There seems to be a blink example too - pico-examples/pico_w/wifi/blink at master · raspberrypi/pico-examples · GitHub.

Yes, that is what I mean. I have tested the blink program without and with FreeRTOS on Pico, it worked. When I tested the program without FreeRTOS on a Pico W, it worked. When I tested with FreeRTOS on Pico W, it FAILED!. (When I compiled with VSCode, there is no error. After uploading *.uf2, the computer has an error of : USB did not recognised the devise.)

I do not think we have any other example. May be you can try reaching out to Pico guys and tell them that their blink example is failing with Pico W.