PIC32MX lwIP + FreeRTOS port success

akhe wrote on Wednesday, November 26, 2008:

Finally works. Great feeling!  Thanks Richard for your always kind help!

I really like FreeRTOS and will definitly use it in more projects in the future. To get this working I needed a FreeRTOS heap set to 11000 bytes. That huge!!! lwIP have a heap of it’s own of 1000 bytes and some buffers that take several K’ also . A real memory eater. I will try to tweak this or else I have to abandon the hole thing and look for something else. Hate solutions (think Zigbee) where the infrastructure takes 95% of the resources leaving very little for the actual work task.

I have not done any investigations yet but but I can’t understand what those 11000 bytes are used for (Richard?). I only have one tread for the simple web server + the ethernet driver thread and the TCP/IP thread.  Oh well future investigations will show.

Any one wants the code it will be here http://www.mypic32.com/web/guest/contestantsprofiles?profileID=43308 from tomorrow or in the soure for the VSCP project http://www.vscp.org.  

Thanks again Richard and keep up the good work!

anusandhan wrote on Thursday, December 11, 2008:


I was trying to port the OS for my project. But first I wanted to simulate it on the MPLAB SIM.

I am getting the Error as follows:
CORE-E0002: Exception due to misaligned word access, from instruction at 0x9d009c5c

I am not sure of what has gone wrong since I have taken demo PIC32 application and compiled it.

Kindly let me know.

Warm Regards,

My PIC32 Project: http://www.mypic32.com/web/guest/contestantsprofiles?profileID=32956

picmeup wrote on Thursday, December 11, 2008:

There is not yet a possibility to simulate PIC32 in MPLAB. Simple programs will be ok only.