PIC32 with FreeRTOS

elettrik84 wrote on Wednesday, March 24, 2010:

did anyone use pic32 with freeRTOS??? My question is if it is possible to use the O.S. freeRtos using PIC32 board+ PIC32 expansion board. In the website, they advice to use pic32+explore16 board + some adapter

edwards3 wrote on Wednesday, March 24, 2010:

FreeRTOS is just a kernel, it does not impose any restrictions on which boards it will run on. All it needs is a PIC32, if that is your chosen hardware.

elettrik84 wrote on Wednesday, March 24, 2010:

Ok thanks… But on the freeRTOS website is written that:

The port and demo are preconfigured to use:

    * The Explorer16 development board (instructions are provided should you wish to use an alternative development board)
    * A plug in module (PIM) containing a PIC32MX360F512 microcontroller, utilizing a MIPS core
    * The free MPLAB IDE
    * The MPLAB C32 compiler (based on the MIPS GCC distribution)

that means i could use demo just in case i use the same hardware( not another board). Is it right?

jas5 wrote on Thursday, March 25, 2010:

The demo tasks in the demo application use the LCD display, switches etc on the Explorer16 development board. These demo tasks are simply example tasks that perform some actions using the peripheral hardware provided on the particular hardware platform - in this case the Explorer16. The FreeRTOS kernel for the PIC32 should run pretty much as is on other development hardware or even your own hardware. Just write your own tasks to perform the functionality you require for the peripheral hardware that is available.