PIC32 & Harmony & FreeRTOS: no CAN receive IRQ -> crash

lifebook2 wrote on Friday, February 03, 2017:


I am running FreeRTOS 9 and Harmony 1.10. I want to get an IRQ when a CAN message is received, but everyting crashes and I am not able to debug in the IRQ. My Device is a PIC32MX795.

void IntHandlerDrvCANInstance0(void)
    message = (CAN_RX_MSG_BUFFER *)PLIB_CAN_ReceivedMessageGet(CAN_ID_1, CAN_CHANNEL0);
    PLIB_CAN_ChannelUpdate(CAN_ID_1, CAN_CHANNEL0);
    PLIB_INT_SourceFlagClear(INT_ID_0, INT_SOURCE_CAN_1);

Any ideas? I am a litte bit lost…
Without FreeRTOS everything works fine.


rtel wrote on Friday, February 03, 2017:

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the library functions you are using, and
can’t see how the interrupt handler is installed, so I can’t suggest