PIC18F8680 port

nobody wrote on Saturday, July 02, 2005:

I used freertos v3.00 in my design which have a
microcontroller PIC18F8680.when i start two task and
have not same priority, but i find that is only one
task can be run. The variable PREEMPTIVE is alreay be
set to 1.but it is running correct in MPLAB SIM.
what’s happen!

rtel wrote on Saturday, July 02, 2005:

Difficult to say without knowing what you have done.  If MPLAB can simulate the PIC18F8680 then I can take a look for you.

Can you send me your project in a zip file?  Make sure you send the source and build files, and try to make the project the smallest and simplest possible that exhibits the problem.  You can send to me at the email address listed on the contact page of the WEB site ( r dot barry at free … ).

nobody wrote on Monday, July 04, 2005:

I used mcc18 v2.43 compiled my project, the result is correct, but when i upgrade v2.43 to v2.44, the result is mistake. when I trace into task call, i found all parameter equal to 0 which be transmited to function call. i think that is compiler bug, but i can’t fix it. what can i do to fix this bug? someone can help me?