Peripherihal interrption in Freertos - Nucleo STM32F103rb board


I’m trying to discover a little bit freertos. I have a problem when I add the external interruption (EXTI) in the code. So, I have to tasks (task 1 blink red-Led for 1s and task 2 blink green-Led for 1s), I add an external interruption which when I push the button (Port C pin13) I blink the blue-Led. here is some part of the code.

the Output of the code, is that the task1 and task2 are running (red-led ans green-led blinking) but the also the blue-led is ON without pressing the button. Can someone figure out where the issue could come from ?

Did you set the initial state of the LED to OFF? Does it toggle correctly when you press the button?

It’s solved. The issue was related to the miss configuration of EXTI function!

Thank you for reporting back.

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