Penetration testing for IPv6

Has any penetration testing been done for the current Labs (or Development) version of IPv6?

If not, when will this be available?


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Not penetration testing has been performed on IPv6. We are using a Maxwell Pro for regression testing against the RFC’s.

At present we have not planned for IPv6 penetration testing.

All the libraries have to pass APSEC before final release.

As mentioned in the prior reply above, our libraries undergo a security review by AWS application security (appsec) before they are released, as part of which penetration testing is also included depending on the nature of the software being released.

The labs version of FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP (IPv6) is currently undergoing improvements in preparation for making it Generally Available in 2023. Although penetration testing requirements will be dictated by the appsec security review, we will very likely see penetration testing being performed before the release happens.

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Hi @freertoswallit @rtel, Can you give an approximate outlook, by when to expect the General Availability of IPv6 in 2023 ? say March or June 2023 ? Thanks.