PDF manual

nobody wrote on Thursday, November 10, 2005:

Is there a PDF version of the FreeRTOS documentation?  I see there is an HTMLHelp version.  I am willing to pay for it if there is one available.


rtel wrote on Friday, November 11, 2005:

Unfortunately not.  I have tried a few automatic conversion tools to generate PDF, but the results are not good.  Manual conversion is too much of an overhead to incorporate updates.

The chm file is nice and easy.  Is it no good for you? 

There is an out of date pdf file available if you send me a private email (email address on contacts page of FreeRTOS.org web site).


anonymous wrote on Saturday, November 26, 2005:

Yes, Richard, I agree that the .chm is nice - except for one annoyance. I can’t select text to copy and paste it.

Oh, and I have to remember to Shift-Click on links to open them in a full browser window.

twin100 wrote on Wednesday, May 31, 2006:

Good Morning,
I’m using the FreeRTOS operating system on a STR711 with a IAR compiler.
I would like to know if you could send me your pdf (out of date) manual.
Thank you in advance

jwestmoreland wrote on Thursday, June 01, 2006:


Can PDFCREATOR (a SourceForge product/project) convert chm’s to PDF’s?  Works great for M$ doc
files - I’ve never tried to do chm’s.

John W.

rtel wrote on Thursday, June 01, 2006:

There are several such tools around, based mostly on Gohstscript I think.  My favourate is PrimoPDF.

The problem really is one of formatting.  Converting WEB documentation into PDF results in a fairly unreadable document.  I have tried several ways around this, but short of maintaining two copies of documentation have not found something manageable.

The chm file is neat and usable, but not very printable.


rtel wrote on Thursday, June 01, 2006:

It is not possible to send it to your sourceforge email address as I find binaries get stripped off.  If you want to send me a private email to the address from the Contacts page of the FreeRTOS.org site I will forward the document.


nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

I think it is a good idea include the PDF manual in the FreeRTOS release Package. For some reason I can’t visit the freertos website.

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

I presume you are in China?  The IP address is blocked.  Obviously FreeRTOS is a big threat to the Chinese people.

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

Yes.I am a Chinese student. I can’t visit the freertos website. richardbarry,Could you send me the pdf manual?

nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

Can you use something like this to access the site?


nobody wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006:

I suspect these such sites are also blocked in China.

Try this mirror site:


This is mirrored from within China because of this problem but is very out of date.

rogerlo wrote on Friday, June 09, 2006:

Thank you.
But It is quite outdate.