PCI Express support on FreeRTOS


Does FreeRTOS has support for PCIe Express RC driver ?
I am running FreeRTOS version 9.0 and want to enumerated and communicate with EPs connected to it.

What sort of support? By default, kernel does not include a driver. Do you have a driver and are not able to make it work with FreeRTOS?


Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for you response.
I don’t have a driver and was looking for a driver/sample implementation that can be used with FreeRTOS

I am not aware of any such driver. You should check with your hardware vendor.


Another thing to understand is that FreeRTOS does not have an I/O model. That means that unlike Linux, Windows and other larger OSs, there is no abstract definition of the flow of I/O requests from application tasks to the hardware for which a driver would have to implement the “bottom end.” Thus, any driver already written and available will typically integrate only with application tasks or middleware that are tailored to the driver’s interaction model.

In short, whatever exists will very likely be not only a driver but also an application task template which must be used to interact with the driver.

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