PC Lint Options on ANSI limit of 31 significant characters - 793

westmorelandeng wrote on Thursday, February 18, 2016:


Just wondering if Lint was run on the following and if warning 793 was suppressed:

“LINT: (0, 1) Info 793: ANSI/ISO limit of 31 ‘significant characters in an external identifier’, ‘xTaskRemoveFromUnorderedEventList(struct xLIST_ITEM *, unsigned short)’, exceeded – processing is unaffected”

I looked in the source and didn’t see any comments on 793.

John W.

rtel wrote on Friday, February 19, 2016:

Just looking at the au-misra1.lnt configuration file I see the following, which I think would mean it would only be raised as an error if the first 31 characters were identical to another identifier.

-idlen(31) /* flag names identical in the first 31 characters /
+e621 /
Identifier clash - length set by -idlen */
-append(621,[MISRA Rule 11])