PAHO MQTT with FreeRTOS tcp

frankthetank34 wrote on Friday, May 06, 2016:

I currently have ported over the tcp/ip stack from FreeRTOS onto a Tiva launchpad tm4c1294. It isn’t pretty but it works. The IP stack successfully acquires a ip address from a dhcp server.

My next step (possibly leap) was to take the PAHO MQTT library, and start talking to a mqtt broker with a tcp socket. However, as soon as I add that task, I get thrown into a fault isr with a RAM bus fault notifier. I comment out the MQTT PAHO and TCP socket calls and the problem goes away. I will be seeing if I can just create a socket without issue, but I was hoping someone else had success with the PAHO MQTT library running on a freeRTOS instance. I need to know there is hope!


rtel wrote on Friday, May 06, 2016:

Yes - I have done this before - although the integration was a little
experimental. I would suggest taking things one step at a time though.
You have DHCP working, now try one of the canned examples to ensure
TCP is working, then work up to integrate the rest of the Paho code.