OTA update using green grass server

I could able to successfully run the OTA update demo with the help of relevant documentation,
But in our system all the devices(things) will not talk directly to the cloud but through green grass server,

We made a design decision considering other application requirements that all the data flow between the AWS cloud server and the devices should happen only through green grass,
in this scenario , how implement over the air update of all the devices from AWS cloud through the green gross,

I couldn’t find any documentation addressing this scenario.

Please guide me

Are you wanting to use the AWS OTA service for FreeRTOS (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/freertos/latest/userguide/freertos-ota-dev.html) - or do you have your own OTA mechanism?

Currently I am planning to use AWS ota service

We do not have samples showing how to do OTA using GreenGrass but I was able to achieve it in the past by making some changes as I mentioned in this post: Mege OTA and greengrass demo together