OTA Orchestrator example does not subscribe to the reserved topics for receiving job related messages

Modular OTA orchestartor example does not subscribe to the reserved topics mentioned in (aws/iot/latest/developerguide/reserved-topics) to get the job related messages. How does the device receive the data packets or job document when it has not subscribed to the reserved topics?

For example to get the job document, device publishes to $aws/things/<thing_name>/jobs/start-next and receives a response on $aws/things/<thing_name>/jobs/start-next/accepted but device has not subscribed to this /accepted topic so how can the device receive this message?

Example: freertos-core/over-the-air-updates/mqtt-ota-agent-orchestrator

Hello @pmamz,

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It is a feature of the IoT core broker. If you publish to start-next topic, you’ll be sent notifications on the accepted and rejected topics even without an explicit subscription. However, for the OTA to work correctly, these notifications must be processed by the device.

You can see that in the documentation here: Jobs device MQTT API operations - AWS IoT Core