Ossignalwait on ST32F4discovery cmsis API

I’m working with a STM32F429Idiscovery with cubeF4 freeRTOS.
Accoding to the cmsis specification, the ossignalwait shall suspend the execution of the current RUNNING thread until all specified signal flags with the parameter signals are set.
Anyway, I see that the thread blocked on the ossignalwait(), will resume as soon as it receive a signal (any signal), so a check must be performed to see if it has received the correct signal.
Is this correct (and not confoming to the CMSIS specification) or Am I missing something?

FreeRTOS is a cross platform system and isn’t designed specifically to follow cmsis, and functions like Ossignalwait are NOT part of FreeRTOS, but are generally provided as a wrapper by a vender.

And yes, the FreeRTOS xTaskNotifyWait will wake up on any notification, and is typically put at the top of a tasks event loop, which then checks which events happened. To implement Ossignalwait, that function would need to check for the specified signal, and if not present return to the wait.