OS abstraction layer


Is there any OS abstraction layer available to ease porting of micrium OS 2 based libraries like unicoi network stack in FreeRTOS?

If you have code that was directly using another OS (like Micrium) then an abstraction layer won’t really help you that much.

At best, you could use something like the Arm CMSIS layer to convert you code using the current OS to make all the calls through the wrapper, and then change which wrapper you are using.

This does depend on you being able to use the old OS during the transition, which may or may not be a viable approach.

Thanks for you advice @richard-damon. The CMSIS layer approach sound good but I am migrating my library from a non arm architecture.

There is nothing I can think of that would keep you from using the CMSIS OS wrappers even on a non-ARM processor for most of the work.