Off Topic: Sourceforge Vs.

jwestmoreland wrote on Thursday, April 29, 2010:

Hello All,

This is off topic - sortof - but wanted to point out something I have observed at the Embedded Systems Conference - google is hosting a site that is somewhat similar to Sourceforge - open source projects can be hosted at -
Do you think Sourceforge will go the way of the dinosaur - eventually?  I haven’t dug into it too deep - I am not sure about revision control systems like what Sourceforge offers - CVS/Subversion, etc - but if doesn’t have that I suppose it is only a matter of time.

I like Sourceforge - don’t want to see it get ‘beat-up’ by Google - maybe Google could buy Sourceforge?
(remember - this is off topic)

Anyway - again - what do you guys think?

John Westmoreland
john @ WestmorelandEngineering . com