NXP LPC18xx MCU, use of FreeRTOS FAT SL and NOR/NAND media drivers

richardbarrass wrote on Thursday, October 31, 2013:


We are utilising FreeRTOS on a NXP LPC1857 MCU and would like to make use of the internal NOR flash banks to store configuration. Since we have the use of FAT SL on this MCU it seems logical to take advantage – the configuration of the product could be thought of as a fairly large file based on tuples of info: “ConfigKey” , “ConfigValue” … the use of a ‘logical’ file for this data in addition to other key storage (event logs being another prime requirement) allows for easier integration with PC tools to manage/edit that info.

I note from the original HCC Embedded press release that the media drivers for NOR and NAND are available to download. Are there specific licensing requirements to gain access to these drivers?

Kind regards and thanks for any responses

rtel wrote on Thursday, October 31, 2013:

This is not something we have here. You will probably be able to find some read and write functions in the driver libraries provided by NXP themselves, in which case you would be able to link those into the file systems porting layer. Alternatively contact HCC directly to see what they can provide specifically for the LPC.