Nucleus to Free RTOS Migration

damodharbodduku wrote on Thursday, June 27, 2019:


We have Nucleus based Embedded applications in our Target (old board). We are planning to port and run these embedded applications in a new target which has Free RTOS. Is there any porting document or user guide …etc?


rtel wrote on Thursday, June 27, 2019:

There is no porting guide as such, but hopefully if you look through the
book you will get a good idea. Keep in mind that the book is very out
of date though and does not mention a lot of the new features.

waveringradiant wrote on Thursday, June 27, 2019:

Hi Richard,

Sorry in advance, because I feel that this topic has probably been covered already a while back, but…

Are there are plans to update the book to cover all the new stuff? Especially because (at least IMO) the changes have been more significant and impactful over the last couple of years.

Alternatively I suppose you could consider either opening the book up to trusted collaborators (such as a Google Doc) or even a Wiki with certain people being given permission to edit and create sections?

Just a thought.

Another embedded software package I work with a lot (sometimes alongside / on top of) FreeRTOS is the QP event-driven framework. The framework dates back to at least 2003, and the last and most recent book (2nd edition) dates to 2008 (version 4.0). The framework currently sits at version 6.5.1 and is easily double the size. I could go find the post, but my recollection is that Miro Samek, the framework’s creator and maintainer (in other words, the QP’s “Richard Barry”), indicated that if he ever did go back and update the book, it would be open and free.

Sorry for hijacking this thread.