Not able to add more command in CellularUrcHandlerTable in FreeRTOS cell FreeRTOS-Cellular-Interface


I am using the FreeRTOS-Cellular-Interface library in my application with the Quectel BG770. Here I am trying to add more additional Urc commands in the CellularUrcHandlerTable. But I am not getting the right command call back even after adding 1 single command.

My findings: I am getting my right call back number in the pTokenMap of _atParseGetHandler function but when it calls _searchCompareFunc it’s not getting it.

File name: cellular_3gpp_urc_handler.c

Am I missing anything to get this callback?


Is it because of the following comment -

/* Try to keep this map in the Alphabetical order. */

I can see that this function uses binary search which will fail if the table is not in Alphabetical order. Try to put your entry after QIURC.